Sunday, January 31, 2016

Increased need for B-12

Today was an "interesting" workout.  I started with 3 B-12 pills.  Remember just 7 days ago, 1 pill overshot the balance point.  I felt heavy and slow but managed a 7:25 Mile before stopping for an extra pill.  I improved to 7:12 on 4 pills.  Each time I added pills, the results were identical.  I didn't feel much different but I got a few seconds faster despite being progressively less fresh.  After the 2nd mile, I popped 2 pills for a total of 6 then proceeded to run the next 2 miles in 14:13 with a last mile of 7:03.

What to make of it and what to do from here?
  I think it's pretty clear that I can take about as much B-12 as I want/need, which is excellent news.  I found a couple links from well-respected sources that confirm what I knew.  A B-12 deficiency does indeed cause depression and problems with adrenal function.  Low dose molybdenum is also well-tolerated.  In theory, this is the path to eliminating those sulfates.  I have yet to try another sulfate test but will report back in a few days with the results.  I may actually order a stronger supplement next week from Yasko.

I cheated 2 days last week (Wednesday and Friday) and I got away with it the first time but not the second time and endured a horrible day on Saturday as result (1 Mile in the 9:xx range).  Let's hope this is the final motivation to stay off that poison for good.  Caffeine depletes Lithium, which is critical for B-12 transport.

ADHS (adrenal modulator):
Still taking it but it has not been as effective.  I'm staying with it though and don't believe it's harming me at this point.  I cannot assume that the other stuff is working and cannot risk my adrenals going into overdrive.

Lithium and ATP:
I am less confident in the latter.  I have been taking 1 of each before I pop any B-12 and it usually makes me feel worse.  I suspect that I need more Lithium relative to ATP and will give that a try next week.

With only 2 sessions longer than 3 miles since Thanksgiving, I am definitely OUT for Mercedes even with a miracle turnaround in the next 10 days.  I may try a local 10K next weekend however.  I have raced a 5K and a half since turning 35 so if I continue to improve, it should be a pretty easy age group PR.  My approximate 10K split in Greenville was 52:00 (8:20ish pace) en route to a 1:56 half so I'll have to beat that to count it.  Possible half options ahead are Louisville at the end of April and Alaska in mid-June.  Again, I'm going to Alaska no matter what.

Long weekend:
I have Monday off the day after Mercedes for President's Day and would like to go somewhere to clear my head.  Depending on the weather, I'm leaning towards getting away for a few days.  How about Dallas?  It's about 9 hours by car and I could stay at a friend's in Miss'Sippy on Friday night.  I'd have most of Saturday and all day Sunday to do whatever I want.  On my list is Bush-43's presidential library and White Rock Lake.  I'm sure I can find other stuff to do as well.

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