Sunday, January 17, 2016


The following treatments are completely off-limits right now.  My whole body will tighten up within minutes of taking just one of these pills:
-Magnesium malate
-B12 (any form)
-any source of caffeine

I have replaced them with:
-Magnesium glycinate

This week was HORRIBLE.  I had only 2 runs that were below the Mendoza line (3@sub-8).  Today, I did show up for the group run on the Mercedes course and dropped out about 1.5 miles in with my pace slowing to the 9 minute range.  I never did feel good but got much worse shortly before the Mile marker.

Yasko has suggested supporting potassium to manage Lithium transport, which I believe to be responsible for the intolerance to ATP, Mag malate and possibly caffeine.  I can drink coconut water as well as OJ without a problem.  Both contain about 25% DV of potassium per serving.  However, potassium in supplement form is a NO NO despite the fact that it contains only 3% DV per pill.  What the ----?  Zinc, which is often used to raise potassium on a hair test is also a NO NO.

Malate is used as an "energizer" to generate ATP.  Now that I cannot tolerate it, I have successfully switched to glycinate.  A lot of people on the MAG Facebook group take it and I like it too.  As advertised, it's calming but does not make you drowsy if taken during the day.  I'm going with it until further notice.  That's ONE piece of good news.  Without some form of Mag, I'm in big trouble.

I had one good day on this stuff in which I improved from 1 Mile in 7:30 to 2 miles in 14:00 after popping a pill but it was short-lived.  2 days later, I was awful again.  This suggests that my Lithium is still not up to par but I can't tolerate it.

Next hair test:
I was planning on waiting until the end of February to take the test.  Instead, I will do it at the end of January and get the results a little over a month from now.  Until, I do the test, I'm sticking with my current plan then I will try to gradually add back the ATP and Mag malate.  If my Lithium has not budged, amalgam removal must be re-considered.

I'm thinking about shutting it down altogether for a couple of months.  I'm not gaining much fitness with these junk runs but I really don't think that stopping running will make me feel any better.

On another note, I was very sad to hear about Ryan Hall's retirement.  Hall is the only American under 1 hour for the half mary and under 2:05 for the full.  Apparently, his fatigue is so bad that he can barely do light jogging for a couple miles per day much like me.  Also, like me, he has been prescribed thyroid medication, which I can personally attest will MESS YOU UP BIG TIME if wrongly prescribed.  I dropped him a line on his Facebook page and doubt that he read it but to me, it SCREAMS adrenal fatigue.  My post got 6 likes and 1 reply.  I hope and pray that he gets the treatment that he needs.  If you read this blog regularly, you know that running is not the only thing affected.  Telling somebody with depression to snap out of it is like telling someone with 2 broken legs to walk it off.

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