Monday, March 21, 2016

Diminished Need For B-12

I am most definitely trending down with regard to my B-12 dose.  After taking 20 mg. a week ago, I am now down to 10 (5 mg in the morning, 5 mg in the afternoon) and even that appears to be too much.  Tomorrow, I will attempt to go down to 8 mg and see how that works out. Yes, that’s still a large dose so if it’s concern, panic or doom, I’m only at concern.

It is my hope that I will eventually stabilize around 4 mg/day and I may find that out by the end of the week.  If I can only tolerate 1-2 mg and my sulfates are still not under control, it’s time to panic.  If it evolves to a point in which I become completely intolerant to it as well as Lithium or ATP, I’m afraid I’m doomed.  At a lower dose of B-12, I may find myself back on a small amount of ADHS or Thym-Adren but would react badly to mega doses.  That’s okay.

 My dosage was too high all last week but with the exception of the molybdenum fiasco, I was able to do the standard issue workouts.  Lately, when I wake up, it’s still obvious that I need B-12 but I don’t feel as horrible without it as I did last week.  That’s a good sign.  When I was on the Thym-Adren, it seemed like no matter how much I had been taking, the need for it never diminished. 

Current formula:
8 mg. B-12 (trending down)
2 molybdenum pills (1-3 likely OK but cannot miss a day or take mega doses)
Cal/Mag, All In One, Probiotics (probably won’t hurt if I miss a day but don’t make it a habit)
Texas Superfood- likely a non-factor but extra fruits and veggies can’t hurt.

Acceptable situations:
-Key pill that I need to function leaves me a tad sluggish but stable.  I cannot run as far or as fast as at my peak but can still manage consistent respectable times and enjoy the running community.
-Cannot run at all but am otherwise healthy with good-adequate energy every day.  Yes you read that right.  I’d rather give it up altogether than live like this for life.
-Dosage gradually shifts and periodic adjustments are necessary.  Usually, I can see it coming with a couple “off days” and make the necessary adjustment before the symptoms become severe.  If it happens once or twice a month, that’s a manageable situation.  If it happens on race day, that’s bad luck but there will be others.

-Shooting at moving targets every week.
-Go from good to awful within 1 or 2 days despite taking the same formula
-Shift from 1 side of the spectrum to the other literally overnight.
I’d say that my demands are FAR FROM UNREASONABLE.  I looked at a post from the end of 2012 and man, my expectations have really been lowered since then.
I should get the results of my latest tests within about 2-3 weeks but am nervous.  Part of me doesn’t want to know.

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