Monday, March 7, 2016

Training 3/7-3/13

3/7- AM- 2 mile quickie in a solid 13:20 (6:40 pace) with splits of 6:34-6:46.  I may have been able to coax a post-35 PR for 3 miles (20:42) if I paced it evenly but I could feel a brutal fade coming.  A 5 miler would have been ugly and as the Lithium cleared, the over-stimulation kicked in.

PM- The pills that I took before the morning session included ONLY B-12 and a small amount of molybdenum, which has been well tolerated as of late.  I tried just a trace of Thym-Adren and experienced a swift negative reaction but a quick clearance.  A question that I asked last week was Can I take Thym-Adren with B-12 if I am off Lithium?  The answer is NO.  Next, I tried just ONE ADHS (took 3 yesterday) and was MUCH WORSE so I did not attempt an evening session.
Distance= 2.0
I am now unable to tolerate any type of adrenal supplement (no modulator, no stimulant, no suppressant) so it's B-12 or BUST now.  It's highly unlikely that Thym-Adren will work even if I go off B-12 but I will give it a try at the end of the week.  The Texas Superfood has arrived and appears to be well tolerated but unlikely to be a major factor.  The stronger B-12 supp also arrived today so I will give that a try tomorrow.  Again, if the B-12 is successful in ridding my system of excess sulfates, adrenal supplements may not even be necessary so all is not lost YET!

3/8- AM- 3 miles in 20:20 (6:47 pace).  New post-35 PR by 22 seconds.  Splits were 6:37-6:55-6:48.  Very pleased that I found another gear in Mile 3.  This is the equivalent of a 21:05 5K, which is just outside the lower limit of respectability.  The new stronger adenosyl B-12 was a success.  I may run Rumpshaker on 3/19.

PM- Felt good most of the day at work but the energy was fading by mid-afternoon.  Hoped to run 6 on Lakeshore but the power cut off just before Mile 2.  Settled for 3 in 22:53 (7:38 pace) with splits of 7:17-7:29-8:07.  We shall see tomorrow.
Distance= 6.0
It's still B-12 or bust and I need mega doses every day but it needs to be either divided doses or a steady stream all day.  I took a small dose after I got home and YES, I did feel better.

3/9- AM-6 miles on Lakeshore in 46:16 (7:43 pace).  Solid performance.  This is what I meant to do yesterday evening.  Held the pace well and actually managed a slight negative split (23:18-22:58).  After an opening mile in 7:56, the pace never slipped below 7:45. Did not feel as strong as yesterday but for my 3rd session within 24 hours, I'll take it.  This is roughly a 1;41 half marathon pace and yes, I did have more in the tank but not another 7 miles.  B-12 is still working but I am prepared to endure a rough day tomorrow to confirm that the Thym-Adren is no longer part of the plan.

PM- Energy faded by 3 PM so I took some more B-12 and rebounded nicely.  By 5:00, I was good enough to run the Trak Shak route in mostly daylight.  5 miles in 37:14 (7:27 pace).  I really did not plan on running it this hard but I felt so comfortable early that I just could not resist.  Faded a bit on the back half (18:20-18:54) but a 2nd half @ 7:34 is still not bad.  B-12 must be taken in divided doses throughout the day.  Final verdict will be read tomorrow.

3/10- Took a trace of Thym-Adren first and did NOT get the swift negative reaction so I took a whole pill and WHAM, I was worth nothing for the rest of the day.  Again, this was before I took any B-12.
The verdict is in now.  The MUST TAKE pill when I was running my best is no longer in the plan.  I need a steady dose of B-12 throughout the day to feel my best.  It's B-12 or bust officially now.  No more options remain if it stops working.  I am in no condition to even attempt a workout today but it doesn't matter because this was a planned rest day anyway.

3/11- AM.  3 miles at Gold's.  Shooting for a comfortable 7:30 pace but had to settle for a time of 23:06 (7:42 pace). 1st half: 11:25, 2nd half: 11:41 so I can't say that I collapsed.   I could have been faster but wanted to save it for tomorrow's long run.  I EXPECT TO FINISH this time.  Overall, not real pleased with how I felt on B-12 alone.  I think I need to increase the molybdenum.  That's probably why I was stronger in the evening session on Wednesday despite it being my 4th workout in the past 36 hours.  Another option is a low dose B-complex.  B-vitamins are synergistic and too much of one can deplete others.  No evening session today.

3/12- I was 0 for 5 coming into today.  I am now 1 for 6.  10 mile BTC run in 78:48 (7:53 pace) on a relatively flat route through Homewood and Lakeshore.  I felt pretty similar to Wednesday morning but not as strong as my best runs this week.  Took mega B-12 with 200 mg. of molybdenum.  Not sure what if any effect the extra moly had.  I'm still pleased because this was 4 miles longer than my previous longest run of the year.  1st half was 38:46, 2nd half was 40:02 so I faded but did not collapse.  Another 5K would have been painful but I do believe that with an even pace in a race setting, I could have dipped under 1:45.  However, the lower limit in a half mary is 1:40 so I've got a ways to go.

3/13- Planned rest day.  Purely a precaution to guard against increasing the mileage too quickly.

Weekly summary:
If I still graded my workouts, this might have been a winning week.  Can I keep the formula relatively stable?  By that I mean, allow for minor adjustments only such as adding a B-complex but keeping the "must take" pill constant.  If I can do that, I will improve even if unbalanced.
Distance on the week was 32 miles.  I will shoot for 35-40 next week.

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