Monday, March 21, 2016

Training 3/21-3/27

3/21- AM Just wanted to see how I felt without B-12.  It was rough but not as bad as it would have been a few days ago.  I only did 1 Mile and the time is not important.

PM- Lakeshore 5 in 37:40 (7:32 pace).  Nice job.  This is probably the best I've felt at this distance all year.  Rock solid 7:30ish pace all the way.  First half-18:45, 2nd half-18:55.  I credit cutting the B-12 from 12mg down to 10 but it still feels a bit too high.  I'm going down to 8 tomorrow.

3/22- Tried only 3 mg in the morning and it was rough so I went with 6 in the afternoon for a total of 9 mg on the day.  Until further notice, I am NOT going below 8 mg. Wasn't real pleased with how I felt even during the afternoon but when it was time to run, I delivered.  It was an improvised loop through Mountain Brook that covered an even 5 miles in a time of 36:49 (7:22 pace).  10 seconds faster may not sound like much but this route was HILLY. Struggled a bit on the climbs in Mile 2 and 3 but came back strong on the downs and flats at the end.
Distance= 5.0
I got the hair test results today and the Lithium, which had been on the floor is now HIGH.  EXCELLENT NEWS.  That means that large doses of B-12 is ABSOLUTELY what I should be doing.  Coupled with low dose molybdenum, in theory, it should detox the sulfates, improve my RBC count and FINALLY get my adrenals under control.  The news is not all good however.  Several minerals, including potassium, which had been in the green zone have dropped into the yellow zone on the low side and just 5 of the 22 are above the 50th percentile. Cobalt (B-12) is the only one in the red zone on the low end but given how much I've been taking, it won't be long until it normalizes.  It is possible that the Lithium depleted some of the minerals.  I want to add a bit more methylation support (TMG) and go back to low dose ADHS if tolerated.

3/23- Trak Shak 7.5 loop in 58:36 (7:49 pace) plus a half mile cool.  Struggled a bit on this one but I don't think the pills were to blame (8 mg B-12).  More likely, it was the accumulated mileage and effort over the past 2 days.  This loop is only slightly easier than the traditional Trak Shak 8 route and ends with the hill that sucks past Starbucks.  Pace was a solid 7:37 through 5 miles but slipped to 8:12 over the last 2.5, which was mostly uphill.

3/24- Planned rest day.  It appears that I have tolerated both the TMG and ADHS but am unsure of what their effect on my workouts would be.  I remain intolerant to Lithium and ATP but that should be out of my system by tomorrow.  I need to test myself in a tempo or light speed session.  I've proven this week that I can handle some mileage but am unsure of how I would respond to a demand for speed.
After further review, the ADHS is a NO.  That could change in a few weeks as the excess Lithium clears.  It may not fully clear by tomorrow so I won't be upset if I struggle tomorrow.  I did get into Peachtree via lottery so I will be on the board in the 10K come the 4th of July.

3/25- AM- Tempo FAIL!  For the time being, TMG is a NO.  I was shooting for 3 miles in 20:00 and felt great on the first lap (92 seconds) but began feeling more and more over-stimulated thereafter.  Passed 1 Mile in a still respectable 6:49 but had faded to the 7:30 range so I shut it down and just slow jogged another mile as a cool down.  Tomorrow is a BTC social so I REALLY don't want to fail that long run.  It should clear by tomorrow.

PM- Tacked on another mile at junk pace on Wisteria.  I was surprised by how badly I reacted to the TMG (MUCH worse after taking another half) but I remain tolerant to methyl B-12 at least in small doses.  That likely means that methyl is not the problem.  Glycine is.  I'm doing another sulfate test soon.

3/26- AM- Long run FAIL!  I am now 1 for 7 in that department this year.  NADH is a NO and it's likely that the TMG has not fully cleared.  Methyl B-12 still looks to be a YES and may reduce sensitivity to it.  Did 2 miles in 19:44 (9:52 pace) on a hilly route and could not even stick with the back of the pack.

PM- Tacked on another 2 miles at Vestavia and improved to 16:40 (8:20 pace).  Started off okay with a 7:45 but slipped to 8:55 in Mile 2.  Maybe I'll be clear by tomorrow.

3/27- Rainy day so I ended up at Gold's.  I was determined to finish at least 5 no matter how ugly it got.  Finished the distance in a time of 48:41 (9:43 pace).  Methyl folate is a NO and Methyl B-12 is a NO.  I didn't feel any ill-effects before because I never took them close to a workout.  Again, this underscores how important this training is as a barometer.  Came through 4 in 37:18 with a 9:50 for Mile 4 then popped a methyl B-12 and slipped to 11:23 for Mile 5.

PM- Another Gold's 5 about 6 hours after taking the methyl.  I was already noticeably better.  I took off just south of 9:00 pace and held it.  Finished in 44:40 (8:56 pace) with a slight negative split (22:25-22:15) with the last mile being my fastest at 8:35.  I expect to be back below the Mendoza line tomorrow.

Weekly summary:
The B-12 deficiency is not the only thing wrong with me but it is the only thing that I can focus on right now.  There is always a possibility that something else will pop up when I take care of this but as of now, ALL METHYLS ARE OUT!  It's hydroxy and adenosyl B-12 only with molybdenum.  Jigsaw Mag will be replaced with plain Mag malate (no co-factors).  I will strive for 40 miles next week.

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