Monday, March 14, 2016

Training 3/14-3/20

3/14- Lakeshore 5 in 39:42 (7:56 pace).  My B-12 dosage is clearly too high as I had significant fatigue and soreness today.  Still, I was NOT horrible out there today, which is very encouraging.  In the past, even 1 too many pills left me unable to finish a basic easy run.  Today, I went out just south of 8 minute pace and held it.  1st half was 19:52, 2nd half was 19:50.  Mile 5 was no harder than Mile 1 and I had plenty left in the tank. Dosage will be cut tomorrow, which is reason for concern.  If it evolves into a complete intolerance to B-12 and I still can't take ATP or Lithium, I am doomed.  I took close to 20 mg in divided doses today.  That is VERY high.  I'll go down to about 10 mg tomorrow and expect to do better.  Early forecast for Rumpshaker looks very iffy but we're still 5 days out so it could change.  Added a Mile cool at Comrades pace.

3/15- Wanted to run 7 on Lakeshore but just could not hack it.  Settled for 4 miles in 31:48 (7:57 pace).  On the surface, this looks nearly identical to yesterday but I was NOT pleased with this one.  Today, I got off to a good start but faded in Mile 2 and got worse every mile.  1st half was 15:20, 2nd half was 16:28.  OUCH!  Forecast for Rumpshaker has improved.
Cut my B-12 dose from 20 mg down to 10 and this time, it was clearly not enough.  No panic because a 50% drop is a BIG difference.  It should not be a surprise that it did flip me to the other side of the spectrum.  If I am in a position in which 16 is not enough but 18 is too much, THAT would be a big problem.  This one was still good enough to extend my streak of runs below the Mendoza line.  I believe this makes 8 in a row.  I still have a chance to reach equilibrium by Saturday.

3/16- Unplanned rest day.  It has become clear that too much molybdenum is not good for me.  NOT pleased at all about that because I need it in small doses to detox the sulfates.  It seems plausible that the sharply reduced B-12 was the right call after all.  We shall see what happens tomorrow.  Rumpshaker will be a race day decision.  I was so bad that I could not do anything at work in the afternoon and probably should have gone home.

3/17- AM 1 Mile in 11:16 on a reduced dose of molybdenum.  It has happened again.  A pill that I needed to take just a week ago and I can no longer tolerate it even at small doses.  As long as that pill is NOT B-12, I still have a chance.  All in One dose contain micro doses of both moly and Lithium.  I think I can tolerate that but will it be enough to detox the sulfates?  I don't know.  At any rate, I'm taking a sick day today and it's looking doubtful for Rumpshaker.

3/18- Interesting day.
AM- Woke up feeling a lot better and popped 6 mg of B-12 plus All in One.  Responded with a 2 mile tempo in 13:06 (6:33 pace).  I could have broken 13 but wanted to save that for a possible race tomorrow.  The ONLY difference from yesterday was cutting the moly!

PM- Energy faded shortly after lunch and this time I really did NOT rebound with the afternoon dose of B-12.  If anything, extra pills made me feel slightly worse.  Hit the gym for another 2 miles this time at junk pace and I did not time it.  Just wanted to pad the mileage but really did not feel well at all.  Took a low dose moly pill and within minutes, I was better.  WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?
It is clear that I need a specific combo of moly/B-12 and the range of pills that must be taken is very narrow if not exact.  I can deal with that.  I CANNOT DEAL WITH MOVING TARGETS!
I'm about 50/50 as far as whether or not I want to give it a shot.  Unfortunately, the weather could make the decision for me.  It's raining already and storms are predicted for the morning with a 15 mph wind.  There will be other local 5Ks  and I'm not racing in miserable conditions with questionable health.

3/19- The weather turned out okay (just a light drizzle) but I was not up for racing.  I took about 8 mg of B-12 this morning and it was too much.  Low dose molybdenum did not hurt me.  Ended up at Gold's for a 3 mile time trial and felt similar to Monday.  I was sluggish and stiff from the start but able to hold a pace below the Mendoza line.  Finished in 23:08 (7:43 pace) with splits of 7:39-7:45-7:44 plus a Mile cool.  That equates to just about 24-flat for a full 5K and in a race setting even on a fast course, I don't believe I would have been much better than that.  Figure 23:40 at best.  Good call to skip it.  There will be other 5Ks but this is Birmingham's largest and the 4th year in a row that I missed it for health reasons.  ANGRY!
I was correct about reducing the B-12 but the moly needed to be reduced NOT eliminated.  Will I ever find a long-term formula again?

3/20- Cut the B-12 from 16 mg down to 12 mg while keeping the moly at 2 pills.  I felt slightly better than yesterday but not enough to be considered anywhere near normal.  Wanted to run 12 miles on Lakeshore but had to settle for 6 in a time of 47:48 (7:58 pace).  Held the pace pretty well through 2 miles and felt comfortable but faded in Mile 3 and had to fight hard to keep the overall pace below 8:00.  1st half: 23:30, 2nd half: 24:18.  Something needs to be reduced (not eliminated) but I'm not sure what and it could be both.  Signed up for Peachtree and will likely run it regardless because it's only a 10K.
Distance= 6.0

Weekly total: 25 miles.

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