Saturday, March 12, 2016

Possible races and road trips

Maybe it's premature to post this after 1 decent week but here it goes:
I'd like to do Rumpshaker next weekend even though I'm not sure if I can break 21.  It's just a local 5K and I haven't done anything locally in almost 2 years.  I did run a 21:54 at Turkey Burner in Monty after turning 35 and it's a pretty good bet that I can beat that on a good day.

10K: This distance is becoming more scarce in recent years.  It seems like it's either 5K or half mary.  There is a Friday evening race in town near UAB in early May that should be flat.  Then, of course, there is Peachtree in Atlanta on the 4th of July.  I believe it falls on a Monday this year so it would fit my schedule.  I've raced a 5K and a half since turning 35 but not a 10K so I'd like to at least get on the board even if I'm not yet respectable (sub-45).

25 states down and yes, I would like to try for 50.  Several states could be doubles in which I find a Saturday race near a state border and a Sunday race in the neighboring state but I'm nowhere near that type of condition just yet.  Here are 3 that are on my radar this year.

Kansas City:
The race is in mid-May so it could be warm but likely bearable.  I've already done Missouri with St. Louis in 2013 but this one is on the Kansas side of the border.  It starts and ends on the Kansas Speedway.  I'm not much of a NASCAR fan but that's still pretty cool.  It's advertised as a "challenging" course but hey, it's Kansas. How hilly could it be?  The Royals are in town that weekend and are playing the Braves and I'd like to see the Truman library just a few miles east of town.  IMO, Truman is a top 10 president of all-time.  This could be a fun trip.

This is the big one and I'm going regardless of whether I can run or not. I do have the option to downgrade to the 5K and still claim to have raced something in every state but would much prefer to slog through the half even if it's a tough course.  I'll leave 90 degree weather with high humidity for temps in the low 60s.  After this trip, I will have visited 49 states with only Hawaii still to go.  Rumor has it that lodging and car rentals are very expensive up there and the flight will be as well but I can afford it with my recent promotion at work.

The Detroit Free Press race has been on my list for several years but it never fit my schedule.  This one actually crosses the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, Ontario, Canada for a few miles before a mile long tunnel back to the United States.  The course is flat and the weather is likely to be favorable as well.  I could see the Henry Ford and MoTown museum on the trip as well as tour Windsor.

Drive or fly:
Obviously, Alaska is a flight.  KC and Detroit are both about 11 hours away and on the border.  I don't fly particularly well and usually need a day to recover before a race so it'll be a 2 day trip either way.  Another consideration is that if I buy anything big in Canada, I may not be able to take it with me on the plane so I'd lean towards driving.

Full Marathon?
If I can get back to sub-4 shape, I most definitely want to do another one to put a stamp on a 2nd impossible comeback but it likely will wait until next year.

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