Monday, March 28, 2016

Training 3/28-4/3

3/28  AM- 2 miles in 17:06 (8:33 pace) with splits of 7:48-9:18.  I cannot cut out methyl folate completely because I am homo on MTHFR 677 but I need to limit it because it can produce sulfates.  NOOO!  Good news is that I did feel better immediately after a low dose and I'll be back in action this evening.

PM- The improvement was short lived.  B-12 helped but not a lot.  I read/discerned the need for Riboflavin (B-2), which is often necessary when taking mega doses of B-12.  When the evening rolled around, I was at Lakeshore for a 6 miler.  Struggled through the first mile at an 8:34 clip but popped a B-2 pill and improved.  It was far from miraculous but it allowed me to go on for another 5 miles in 39:51 (7:58 pace) with a last mile in a solid 7:35.  Overall time was 48:25 for 6 miles (8:04 pace).  Not thrilled but I'll take it.  2 questions that will be answered this week:
-Will I be better off taking B-2 separately or take a B-complex?  I do know that if it's the latter, it must be UN-methylated.
-Will the B-2/B-complex impact my need/tolerance for B-12?  The dose could go up or down.

3/29- FAILURE but not an entirely unexpected one.  I knew within the first 100 yards that I could not go today but stuck it out for 1 Mile in 9:24.  In what is not a surprise given what I have read, my need/tolerance for B-12 has diminished since starting the B-2.  It was rough in the morning without any and I seemed to feel about my best around 6 mg but at 9 mg, it was awful.  Got home and took an extra B-2 with NO further ill-effects but just another speck of B-12 made me feel much worse.  I'm reducing it to 6 mg. tomorrow.
As for the B-complex, I'm sticking with the B-2 alone.  Folic acid could present a problem and so could Niacin.

3/30- Cut the B-12 from 9 mg down to 6mg. as planned and still felt awful.  It turns out that I do indeed require the full dose of methyl folate.  I am unsure if I can get the sulfates down now but the way I felt until I took it at lunch was INTOLERABLE.  Once again, I was better immediately after taking it and was good enough for a standard issue workout.  Trak Shak 5 mile loop in 39-flat (7:48 pace).  Only mile 4 was over 8:00 and I held the pace pretty well despite feeling heavy and sluggish.  Not thrilled about this workout either but considering how awful I was at lunch, I'll take it.  Something needs to be reduced (not eliminated).  It's either B-2 or B-12.

3/31- AM-The plot has thickened again.  I took the full B-2 pill and tried to run without the B-12 and turned in a 7:42 mile.  Popped only 3 mg of B-12 and knew within 200 meters that something was badly wrong.  Managed only a 9:22 in Mile 2 and shut it down.  Once again, extra B-2 had no ill-effects but an extra B-12 made it much worse.  Could not do very much at work today.
There is no doubt that B-2 has caused a diminished need/tolerance to B-12.  The results are not pretty without B-2.  If I cut the B-12 entirely even on the full dose of B-2, I am nearly certain that my system will demand at least a small dose within 2 days.  Nevertheless, I feel I should reduce the B-2 to half a pill and try to maintain 2 mg of B-12.  On that low dose, I should tolerate low dose ADHS as well.  I have no idea how I will feel tomorrow.

4/1- Woke up feeling pretty rough so I only took half a B-2 and had no further ill-effects.  This time, I took just 1 mg of B-12 and WHAM, I was much more lethargic and depressed immediately.

PM- Forced myself to run 1 mile at Veteran's Park after work and it wasn't as bad as expected.  Managed only an 8:39 but I was able to maintain an even pace.  About 2 hours later, I began feeling VERY over-stimulated.  That's right, I flipped from one side of the spectrum to the other within 2 hours!  SCREWY!  Anyway, I took 1 ADHS and actually improved.  Then, I tried another 1 mg B-12 and expected to flip back almost immediately.  This time, I DID tolerate it.  I have NO idea what will happen tomorrow.

4/2- Took a full B-2 pill and hit Gold's for Mile repeats and a better with or without test.
B-2 only- 7:55 nearly all out from the start but an even pace.
B-2 plus 2 mg B-12- Improved to 6:57 but that doesn't tell the whole story.  I was at 3:20 at the half mile mark then slipped to 3:37 on the back half and felt worse as the pills fully kicked in.
Added 2 ADHS- Finished in 6:57 again but this time held the pace well.  (3:27/3:30)
B-2 supposedly "potentiates" B-12 (make it more effective), which does make sense given what's happening.  2 mg. of B-12 now has the same effect as 10 mg. without it and if I take more than that, OUCH!  If I reduce the B-2 from 100 mg down to 50, more B-12 will be needed/tolerated. As for the ADHS (adrenal modulator), I know that I can't take it with mega B-12 but with low-moderate dose, it is well-tolerated.  How much B-12 will trigger a negative reaction to it?  I'll find out soon.

I've learned also that B-12 depletes folate.  Now that I am taking less B-12, I may yet be able to reduce the methyl folate.  If I can do that, the odds of detoxing the sulfates will improve.  I'll give it another try starting next week.

4/3- Another failure.  Even on low dose B-12, ADHS is a NO!  Went to Veteran's Park with a plan to run as many loops (2/3 mile) around the lake as I could.  Started off at a full dose of B-2 plus only 1 mg of B-12 and struggled to a 5:33 (roughly 8:20 pace).  Slipped to 5:53 after taking 2 ADHS and then I was 6:54 (over 10:00 pace) on lap 3 and called it quits.  Finished the day with 2 miles in 18:20 (9:10 pace).
The B-2 must be reduced for sure if not eliminated altogether.  I want to cautiously up the molybdenum and try again to reduce the methyl folate.  As for the B-12, I'll take as much as I need/can tolerate.

22 miles on the week and it is not looking good
I'm sick of the failed tweaks.  I want to find a formula and stick with it.

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