Monday, May 23, 2016

Intolerance to Methyl Folate


I feel like my need/tolerance for Methyl Folate has been diminishing for the past 10-14 days.  As it is, I did okay in Kansas City but I most likely would have been better (1:40-1:42) if I had reduced the dose on race morning.  Only 7 days after race day, it quickly became apparent that MF was giving me problems.  I crashed just 2 miles into a long run and found that an extra dose made it WORSE.  Today, I cut the dose significantly and came through half mile at 3:40 (7:20 pace) but fading.  I popped only 50 mcg (1/8 pill) and slowed all the way to 5:26 (10:52 pace) on the back half. 

I feared that I would no longer be able to tolerate the Methyl Mate without the MF but fortunately, that does NOT appear to be the case (so far).  I was no worse after taking another one of those suckers.  However, my need for ADHS (adrenal modulator) has definitely ticked up.  3 of those pills were not enough on Sunday and I improved after taking 3 more. 

I know now that the cause of my insatiable need for adrenal supplements is 2 fold.  The sulfur toxicity increased my cortisol and caused runaway adrenal function but when I started on the B-12+ molybdenum plan, it quickly became apparent that the Thym-Adren (suppressant) was too strong and I had to go with the modulator (ADHS).  The 2nd reason is the up-regulation of the GNMT enzyme, which is slowed by methyl folate.  When on MF, yes I still needed the ADHS to function but I could get by on a much lower dose.  When my supply was running low leading up to KC, I twice managed 5@ sub-8 pace without too much effort despite taking only 1 pill.  Now, I can’t manage that on 3 of those pills and need 6 once again for optimal results. 

I believe the intolerance is only temporary.  I am homo on the MTHFR 677 gene so I clearly have a need for it.  I developed an intolerance to Lithium back in early March of this year but come mid-April, I needed it again.  I believe the same will happen with MF.  Why is it happening?  It could be sulfur related and I’ve ordered CBS/NOS caps as well as the RNA drops from Yasko.  It’s possible but not likely that those help.  Extra B-12 and moly did nothing except give me diarrhea.  It’s also possible that I am releasing too many toxic metals, which does make sense.  If that’s true, a break from MF will be all I need.  I will send out a new hair and amino acid test by the end of the week and should get answers before Alaska. 

Back in 2005, the only thing that came back abnormal on a standard blood test was an elevated homocysteine level, which my Mineral Denialist wrote off as no big deal.  If my SAM-e was low (wasn't tested), it would have been a sure sign of a methylation disturbance.  As it was, given my descriptions of sensitivity to pills, he SHOULD have known it.  Instead, I got anti-depressants and a referral to a quack psychologist.  If you read this blog, you should know that there is NOTHING psychological about my sensitivity issues.  Simply popping 1 pill can cause a reaction within minutes.  I know it's hard to believe but I swear it's true and those who have seen it happen will vouch for me.

Any Mainstream Options Out There?
There is a drug call Depsin (I think that's its name) that CONTAINS methyl folate. That's how I SHOULD have been treated in mainstream medicine.  If there were a couple prescriptions that would restore 90% of my abilities, would I take it?  HELL YEAH (with a southern accent).  I'd probably not even mess with the natural supps.  Unfortunately, no such drugs exist.  The prescription Depsin contains LOTS of artificial stuff and I bet I'd be ultra sensitive to it as well.  Moreover, large doses of MF without B-12 would lead to B-12 deficiency and sulfur toxicity.  At that time, I had no idea that not just any B-12 would do so I'm nearly certain that if given that prescription back then, it would have failed.

  I'm staying on my current path and I'll get some more answers from the hair and amino acid test results.  I do have the option to see a functional medicine doctor in Nashville who has experience with methylation and can give me professional advice.  The first visit would cost $450 and I really don't know if he'd tell me anything that I did not already know.  No thanks.

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