Monday, May 2, 2016

Training 5/2-5/8

5/2- AM.  Took the formula that I thought would minimize the symptoms (6 ADHS, 1.5 mg B-12 and 5 mg Lithium).  Running nearly all out, I was unable to break 7:00 for 1 mile.  Came through 2/3 in 4:45 (7:07 pace) and fading.  Took almost half a Methyl Mate pill to test whether I am better with more or less than the small amount I took yesterday.  Slammed the last 1/3 in 1:50 (5:30 pace) so the answer is clearly more rather than less.  I would have run longer but it was getting late.

PM- Gold's 5 in 37:24 (7:29 pace).  Tempo effort.  Hard but fairly comfortable all the way.  Pretty solid overall.  Splits were 18:34-18:50  so I held the pace pretty well.  On a day like today, a casual observer would NOT know that I am sick.  Those who do know would think I am cured.  If you read this blog, you know that I am FAR from being in the clear.

5/3- Another interesting day but not in a bad way.
AM- I was bold and took a full Methyl Mate pill.  At this point, it was a little too much.  I'll stick to half-3/4 for the rest of the week.  I was shooting for 3 miles and got off to a great start but started fading before the 1 Mile mark.  I was 6:36 then faded to a painful 7:10 then quit.  Overall time was 13:46 for 2 miles (6:54 avg) but I would NOT have broken 21 for 3 miles.

PM- Popped some extra methyl folate and 1 pill seemed to help but another was too much and the sulfur burden was the culprit.  Struggled at work but got home and popped some more B-12 and moly.  It was successful.  Brownell-Trak Shak 4 mile loop plus an extension on Jemison trail.  Finished 5 miles in 38:51 (7:46 pace).  Approximate splits were 19:16-19:35.  I was laboring at times but overall not too bad.
Minor tweaks are necessary but it does SEEM like I am on the right track now.  Methyl folate is required if I am to tolerate the Methyl Mate.  I require more moly + B-12 if I am to take extra MF.

5/4- Tried a new B-12+ moly product with a few extra ingredients.  Bad call and the supp went in the trash.  Still, I was able to do a real workout.  Trak Shak 6 mile loop on a hilly route through Mountain Brook in a time of 49:53 (8:19 pace).  If this is as bad as it gets due to pills being off, I'm okay with it.  Without the protection of methylation, I don't think I could have gone 2 miles at this pace and would have been doing 10:00 pace at the end.  As it is, I think that even off form, I can break 2 hours in a half mary and may be sub-1:45 on my best day.  Kansas City is 10 days out and I am leaning towards going.
Tomorrow's plan:
I'm interested to see what if any effect extra B-12 has on my tolerance for Methyl Mate.  I know it increases my need for methyl folate.

5/5- AM- Without any B-12, I was horrible.  6 laps at Gold's in 5:54 (8:51 pace) then popped just 1 B-12 pill and improved all the way down to 2:15 for the next 3 (6:45 pace).

PM- Took a TON of B-12 and really did want to see what would happen if I overshot the balance point.  The answer was that my energy wasn't all that bad but my stomach was jacked up something awful  Did 3 miles on Lakeshore in 23:30 (7:50 pace).  I had enough energy to keep going but the stomach had other ideas.  I'm not sure about the optimal amount of B-12 but if I am slightly off, I won't be horrible.  That's all I really want out of this.

5/6- Planned rest day.  Feeling a bit sluggish today.  Perhaps the methyl folate needs to be reduced.  I need to finish tomorrow or Sunday to go to KC.

5/7- 3rd successful long run of the year.  13 mile BTC route that was tough but fair in a time of 1:43:56 (7:59 pace).  Tried to get by on 2 Methyl Folate but it wasn't quite enough.  The 3rd pill helped but it wasn't a radical difference, which is good.  My B-12 may have been a little high as I did require 1 emergency stop.  The pace varied a bit depending on the terrain but for the most part, I kept it around 8:00 give or take about 15 seconds.  I remained fairly comfortable through 10 but those last 3 hurt.  Rallied from 13 ticks down in the last mile to get the sub-8.  Pace was 15 seconds faster than 2 weeks ago.  Added a mile cool at glacial pace.

5/8- 3 mile recovery run at Veteran's Park.  I was not totally spent after the hard effort yesterday.  Finished the distance in 23:27 (7:49 pace) on a slow gravel trail.  An interesting development occurred.  I went without ADHS (adrenal modulator) early because my supply is running low and did okay without it.  Popped 2 pills after the first mile and got slightly worse.  Splits were 7:35-7:47-8:05 though I think the slow down had more to do with the heat (sunny and 80) than the pills.  It is not advisable to run between 9 AM-3 PM from May-September here.  I feel safer taking adrenal support but it's encouraging that I can get by without it.

Weekly summary:
Hit 40 miles on the week for the first time all year.  No collapses.  Even when my pills were a little off, I salvaged a workout.  All I want out of this is to be restored to 90% of my pre-crash fitness(sub-21/45/1:40) with NO collapses due to taking too many pills.  I am going to Kansas City next weekend.

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