Sunday, May 8, 2016

Training 5/9-5/15 (race week)

I've done most of my experiments already so I have a good idea of what's going to work and what won't. I have a pretty good idea of how much B-12 is necessary (probably around 4 mg).  Again, I won't be horrible if I'm a little off.  There are only 2 questions that I'd like to answer:
1) Do I still need the ADHS (adrenal modulator)?  I feel safer taking it but I'd like to see how I do after a couple days off it.  My stock should be replenished before I leave but I need to go low so that if I do need it and my new shipment does not arrive, I'll have enough left on race day.

2) How much molybdenum?  Just once, I want to load to see what happens.  I know I need it to control the sulfates but it appears that I may do best on a low dose.  If I add Mitoforce, which contains glutathione, more may be needed.  That won't happen until after race day.

Training plan:
Low volume this week but I want a couple good quality sessions.  I'd like to get a fast 3 or 5 miler in and I'm not worried about being slightly less than fresh.  Time is not all that important at this stage.

I'm leaving after lunch on Thursday and I'll go halfway.  After the race, I'm leaning towards staying in KC Saturday night rather than heading home.  If I do that, I won't be able to make it back in 1 day and will have to take at least half a day off Monday as well.  I've got enough leave at work.

5/9- Question #1 has been answered and it is a YES.  I do need ADHS.  I did not need to run to find out either.  Went with only 2 pills and it wasn't enough to perform well but it did keep me afloat.  3 miles on Lakeshore/Brookwood in 22:36 (7:32 pace) with very even splits (7:32-7:34-7:30) though I was working a little harder than I would have liked at the end.  Moderate effort overall.  I ordered the new bottle on 5/4 so it certainly SHOULD arrive by the 12th but until it does, I've got to conserve.

5/10- AM-Took just 1 ADHS and got by okay. Easy 5 miles in 39:44 (7:57 pace).  Comfortable all the way with very even splits (19:50-19:54).  No doubt that I can hold this pace for another 5 miles and even if I slip to 8:30 on the last 3.1, I'll still manage a 1:46, which is 10 minutes better than last time.  Taking the full ADHS dose on race day will only improve my speed and stamina.
Distance= 5.0

5/11- The new shipment of ADHS still has not arrived.  No panic even if it doesn't arrive tomorrow before I leave.  I still have 9 pills left, which will last me through the weekend.  Workout was the Trak Shak 5 in 85 degree weather. Again, I took 1 ADHS and performed marginally better than yesterday.  Finished in 38:55 (7:47 pace) with relatively even splits.  1st half: 19:20, 2nd half: 19:35 with every mile at sub-8 pace.  I did cut the methyl folate from 3 pills to 2 but upped my Jigsaw so I'm getting the equivalent of 2.5 (1000 mg/day).  This is not a statistically significant improvement and I really cannot attempt a quality session without the full dose.

5/12- Pills did arrive today so I took the full dose before I left.  Hit Gold's for 2 miles fast and controlled.  Felt a clear difference from the normal dose.  Finished the distance in 13:26 (6:43 pace) with splits of 6:41-6:45.  Tempo effort.  I had more in me than this but a sub-20 3 miler would not have happened today.  I do think I'm in low-21 shape for 5K though.  Hit the road after a late lunch and made it to Hardy, ARK.  That's a small town just over an hour NW of Jonesboro close to the Missouri line.

5/13- Planned rest day.  Made it to Kansas City by mid-afternoon.  The expo was nothing more than a packet pick up in a shopping center but I scored a hotel within walking distance of the start/finish.  I've got a full day planned for tomorrow so I need a good rest tonight.

5/14- Scout Challenge Half marathon in 1:45:58 officially (8:05 pace).  Course was tougher than expected and pills were a little off but thanks to methylation, it was not a disaster.  Added a warm and cool.

5/15- Planned rest day.  Drove back to Nashville and stopped there for the night.

-30 miles on the week.

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