Thursday, May 19, 2016

Methylation update

I have now gone 19 days without a collapse!  Excellent news.  I did make it close to 30 back in November of last year so I'm not getting too excited yet.  Here's where I stand:
-Methyl Mate IS THE KEY!
-It must be taken with Methyl Folate
-Methyl Folate must be taken with Lithium, B-12 and molybdenum.
If I miss even one of those pills, I will be AWFUL!

The good news however is that if I take a few too many pills, I will feel it but I will NOT be awful whereas in the past, I needed both a specific amount and specific ratio of minerals. For example, I needed about 4 mg Lithium for every 1 mg B-12 and could not tolerate any deviation from that ratio.  An 8:2 ratio was okay but not a 9:2 nor an 8:3 and the further I got from 4:1, the worse it got.  Now, imagine having to deal with all that while shooting at a moving target.
It appears that the methylation support HAS KNOCKED OUT the extreme sensitivity.

The ADHS (adrenal support) is still needed and 3 pills is probably optimal but I can get by with any dosage between 1-5 and still do okay.
I am still taking the Jigsaw Cal/Mag but nothing will happen if I miss a single dose.

How do I feel lately?
2 years ago, I could literally turn a 9:xx pace upside down to 6:xx with no additional effort within minutes of taking a pill.  The problem was that the magic never lasted.  I don't want any more of that.  I'd rather have a permanent limp than have to deal with that and I'm dead serious too.

Nowadays, I feel pretty much the same every day.  I do have mild fatigue and a bit of heaviness in my legs during workouts but it's manageable.  I had a day when my pills were clearly off but still managed 6 miles @ 8:20.  If that's as bad as it gets due to pills being off, I'll can deal with that.

If the plan is working properly, you should not feel any real difference from one day to the next.  Rather, progress will become evident within 3-4 weeks.  It's like watching the hour hand on a clock.  You won't notice it's moving unless you are looking very closely for several minutes but if you look again 30 minutes later, you'll see it's nudged ahead.  Within 6 hours, it's all the way on the other side.  I did a 1:45 in Kansas City.  I've got Alaska in 4 weeks and I think I can hope for a 1:42ish which would be my best time since 2014.

I'm sending my next hair test around the first of June.  I'm not sure what to expect but high levels of toxic metals are possible.  That's okay because it means that they are finally being eliminated.  I have noticed that I am sweating more and my body odor has increased.  That is often a sign of detox.