Monday, May 30, 2016

Training 5/30-6/5

5/30- Cut the MF from 1800 to 1600 and was more aggressive with the CBS/NOS pills.  I got about what I expected today.  Slept in for Memorial Day and ran at Gold's rather than face the heat.  Did 5 miles in 37:19 (7:28 pace).  I was on pace for a low-36 early but faded to a pair of 7:38s to finish and had very little left in the tank.  Tomorrow, I plan to run the same thing on 1400 and am hoping for a low-mid 36.  I believe 1200 is the sweet spot but 1400 with CBS support is worth a shot.  CBS appears to be only somewhat helpful, not a miracle cure.  Still, that beats the complete intolerance to it that I had before the methylation support.

5/31- Down to 1400 as planned.  Felt a bit jittery during the day especially in the morning.  When it was time to run, I was slightly better than expected.  Gold's 5 in 35:49 (7:10 pace).  MINUS 18.  I believe this is a post-35 PR. If I can manage a MINUS 10 tomorrow, I've got the sub-35 though I may shoot for the sub-21 5K instead.  MF will go down to 1200 tomorrow with the same CBS support.  I know that 1000 is not enough and 1600 is too much so I am closing in on the sweet spot.  Unlike in the past, there's a real chance that this sweet spot will remain constant.  Passed 500 miles on the year so I'm on pace for 1200 on the year.  I didn't even make 1000 last year.

6/1- Mild disappointment.  Did 3 miles (not the full 5K) in 20:39 (6:53 pace).  That's equivalent to 21:25 for the full distance so I was 8 seconds/mile short of the target.  Felt pretty much the same as yesterday and performed accordingly.  Ugly splits (6:36-6:54-7:09).  I was on pace through the first half then it was sharply downhill from there.  I'm sticking with 1200 for the time being though it's possible that both 1200 and 1400 will work about the same.  Took the last of the glutamine pills tonight and I'm NOT re-ordering it.  I felt slightly worse after taking it.

6/2- Just an easy 3 on Lakeshore to pad the weekly mileage.  It was done in nasty humid conditions.  The sun came out after a brief shower and I could fog rising from the ground.  That's THE worst conditions in which to run.  I still did okay out there.  Finished in 23:24 (7:48 pace) but I did dial back the effort considerably and was shooting for that type of pace.  I'll take it.  I may see modest improvement when the glutamine clears tomorrow.

6/3- Brownell-Caterbury 4 mile loop through Mountain Brook in 29:57 (7:29 pace).  Solid performance.  Temps were pushing 90 but the relatively low humidity made it manageable.  The hills and heat got to me in the 2nd half.  Splits were 15:02-14:55 but the back half is mostly downhill so a stronger negative split is to be expected.  Still doing okay on the current formula and I see no reason why I can't finish tomorrow's long run.  This time of year, 10-12 miles is doing just fine.  I don't know how anyone can do serious marathon training in Alabama from June-August.

6/4- FAILED again.  The culprit was CBS/RNA drops.  The CBS/NOS still appears to be okay.  An extra dose confirmed it when I got home and I may have to endure another rough day tomorrow.  Did 4 miles with the BTC group and embarrassed myself again by going out with the lead pack then turned around and walk/jogged home.  Time for 4 miles was 35:27 (8:52 pace).  I passed 2 miles in a solid 15:20 and held it together for another half mile before collapsing.  Pace on the last 1.5 miles was approaching 11:00/mile.  This had better be a 1 or 2 day blip or else forget what I posted about being stable.

6/5- AM-  I do believe this is just a 2 day blip.  3 miles at Gold's in 25:44 (8:35 pace).  Looks only marginally better than yesterday but this time, I never did have a good pace and basically held it all the way.  Most likely, the confirmation dose has yet to clear and I should be a little better this afternoon.

PM- Got the incremental improvement as expected. 3 miles in 23:52 (7:57 pace) MINUS 38.  It's clearing out now.  I should be near normal by tomorrow.  Splits were very even (7:56-8:00-7:56).

Weekly summary:
I found the sweet spot with the methyl folate but still need to experiment with CBS issues as well as B-2 and B-12.  Hit 30 miles despite the hiccup over the weekend.

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