Monday, May 23, 2016

Training 5/23-5/29

5/23- I am officially intolerant to Methyl Folate.  1 Mile in 9:06.  1st half in 3:40 then popped just 50 mg. of MF and slipped to 5:26 on the back half.  I expect to be better tomorrow.

5/24-AM- ZERO methyl folate in the morning and was only marginally better than yesterday.  3 miles in 26:45 (8:55 pace).  Despite mega doses of ADHS, I felt very overstimulated.  Clearly need the methyl folate after all but how much can I tolerate?

PM- Went with 50 mcg. and clearly improved.  Down to 7:40 for the 1 Mile then popped another 50 and improved to 6:57 (MINUS 43).  That's still not nearly good enough.  Just 1 week ago, I finished with a 6:57 after 4 @ sub-7:30.  Let's hope that the temporary intolerance was due to overdosing early and I can gradually jack it back up.  If 100 isn't enough but 200 is too much, I'm no better off than with the Lithium/B-12 sensitivity.  PLEASE GOD NO!  That must not happen.  I'm going back up to 200 tomorrow but believe at least 400 is necessary to slow down the GNMT enzyme defect, which I believe is causing the insatiable need for adrenal supps.  I'll never reach balance unless I can fix that defect and methyl folate is the only way to do it.

5/25- AM- Good news.  200 mcg was tolerated and it was NOT enough.  I remain very over-stimulated despite taking 6 ADHS.  I'm going up to 400 tomorrow.  Workout was 3 miles at Gold's at tempo effort in a time of 22:24 (7:28 pace).  Very even splits and did not need a kick for the sub-7:30 pace.  Still, this was not nearly good enough.  I should be at least 1 minute faster at tempo effort even on an "off day"

PM-  Felt worse as the day progressed.  Feels like more methyl folate is needed.  Trak Shak 3 route naked (no watch).  Pace was very slow.  Starting with 400 tomorrow but won't hesitate to increase it.
Distance= 6.0

5/26- Jumped the methyl folate up to 800.  400 was clearly not enough.  Still needed 6 ADHS so I likely need 1200 MF.  If I take 1200 tomorrow, I should only need 3 ADHS and may feel slightly worse on 6.  As it is, despite feeling a bit overstimulated, it was a pretty solid performance.  Gold's 5 in 37:25 (7:29 pace).  Even pace with splits of 18:45-18:40.  Effort was moderate but not tempo level but did turn up the heat slightly in Mile 5 with a 7:20 split.

5/27- Upped it to 1200 with good results.  Easy 4 in 29:52 (7:28 pace).  Even splits and did not need to rally to get the sub-7:30.  As expected, I got by just fine on only 3 ADHS and another 3 actually made me feel slightly worse.  I'm still not sure exactly how much MF I truly need and I'll do a little experimentation.  I know I need at least 1000 but 1600 may or may not be better than 1200.

5/28- FAIL!  4 miles at the BTC and got dropped early and it ended with the walk of shame.  Covered 4 miles in 38:20 (9:35 pace) with splits of 16:50-21:30.  The culprit was too much Methyl Mate.  I thought I could handle 2 now that I'm on more Methyl Folate but I was wrong.
One piece of good news.  I could not tolerate CBS drops or CBS/NOS caps at all before starting the methyls but now I CAN.  It remains to be seen if I really need them but at least it's an option on the table.  I'm sending out both my hair test and my UAA test early next week.  I may not get the results before Alaska but either way, no changes will be made so close to race day.

5/29- AM- Back down to 1 Methyl Mate and yesterday's excess seems to have cleared.  Cut the Methyl Folate down to 1000 mcg and the lowered dose wasn't enough.  I felt over-stimulated and clearly need 1200+.  If I get a sulfur toxicity reaction, I can mitigate it with the new CBS stuff.  That's why it was so important that I tolerated it yesterday.  As for the workout, it wasn't pretty but I managed.  Finished 5 miles on Lakeshore in sunny and warm conditions in a time of 39:49 (7:58 pace).  Splits were pretty even at 19:51-19:58.  Mile 4 was the slowest at 8:07 but rallied for a 7:45 to secure the sub-8.

PM- Experimental Mile reps at Gold's.  I already knew what I could do on 1000 MF
Mile 1 @ 1400- 6:50 at tempo effort.  Felt much more free and easy but felt like I was held back by too much sulfur.  The target is 3.1 @6:45 (21-flat 5K) and I would not have managed that on this formula even if I was fresh and running all out. I'd guess a 5 miler would have been around 37 so clearly an improvement over the morning.
Mile 2 @1800- 7:35 (PLUS 45).  I expected this and was not disappointed.  Clearly more sluggish after taking another MF pill and I did not need to run to find out.  I still salvaged it and likely would have performed similarly (maybe slightly worse) to what I did this morning on 1000 and a collapse to 10 minute pace would NOT have happened as it did yesterday.
Mile 3 @ 1800 w/ CBS/NOS cap- 7:10 (MINUS 25).  Clearly improved after the CBS/NOS pill but still not as good as I was without the extra MF.  Maybe I would have been better on multiple CBS/NOS caps but the incremental improvement would have been less.  I'd expect only a MINUS 10 (15 tops) if I took another which would still be short of what I did without extra MF.

I know my sweet spot with the MF is greater than 1000 but less than 1800.  I think 1200 is the best dose without the CBS support and could very well be with it.  I'm going down in increments of 200 starting tomorrow and will be more aggressive with the CBS stuff.

Weekly summary:
I really believe that I finally have reason for optimism going forward.  I started on the genetics back in April of last year and at long last, I believe that I am better off than I was a year ago.
Distance this week was 33 miles (492 YTD) and I have averaged over 30 MPW since I re-started the training log in early February.

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