Monday, May 16, 2016

Training 5/16-5/22

5/16- AM.  Easy drive back from Nashville.  My eating was BAD on the road as it usually is.  Time to get back on track now.  I will probably do something relatively easy this evening.

PM- Mountain Brook/Canterbury 5 in 37:22 (7:28 pace).  Good job.  I would not call this an easy effort but it was NOT tempo either.  I cut the ADHS down to 4 and the methyl folate down to 1.  I liked how I felt and I'm going with it until further notice.

5/17- Same 5 mile distance this time at Gold's with a fast finish.  Came through 4 in 29:48 (7:27 pace) then burned a 6:57 to finish in 36:45 (7:21 overall).  Plenty left in the tank at the end.  Good job.  Added a mile cool.

5/18- AM- Gold's 3 in 22:36 (7:32 pace).  Slight fade but fairly even overall.  No tempo in me today due to this week's workouts.  That's okay.  Added a half mile cool

PM- Trak Shak 7.5 loop in 59:36 (7:57 pace).  I'm fine with this one.  It's a hilly route and I held the pace well again.  I slipped a bit on the hill that sucks but that's understandable.  Upped the ADHS to 5 and it may have been a bad call.  I'm thinking about cutting that down to 3.  I've got a chance to hit 45 miles on the week.

5/19- Should have taken a rest day but forced my tired body to go today.  Hoped to go 5 miles @sub-8 without much effort and nearly made it.  Settled for 4 miles in 31:52 (7:58 pace).  Stopped a mile early to finish with a sub-8 pace.  Pills are okay.  I am over-reaching with the training.  I am dazed and dreamy rather than sore and depressed.

5/20- Planned rest day.

5/21- AM- FAILURE!  BTC social run.  4 miles in 38:16 (9:34 pace).  Came through 2 miles in a respectable 15:32 but collapsed to a 22:48 on the back half then quit.  Got home to try to find the source of the suckage.  It was methyl folate.  Let's hope I can still take the Methyl Mate or I could stay on the MF and up the MM.  This had better be a 1 day blip.

PM- Took a single dose of all of my pills and got no reaction until the last one, which was methyl folate. Extra B-12 and moly did little to knock out the symptoms.  An extra Methyl Mate made it a little better so I hit Gold's for another attempt.  It was only a marginal improvement early.  Passed 1 Mile in 8:44 then popped another Methyl Mate and slipped to 10:08 for an overall time of 18:52 for 2 miles (9:26 pace).
Clearly, the Methyl Folate needs to be cut out entirely.  Upping the Methyl Mate to a point may be helpful but it won't be as good as without the MF.  My dose of Jigsaw Mag does contain the equivalent of a half pill (200 mcg), which I should tolerate.  A small amount of MF may be necessary to tolerate the Methyl Mate.  Again, without any Methyl Mate, the sensitivity to B-12 and Lithium will kick in WITH A VENGEANCE!  That scenario must be avoided at all costs.

5/22- AM.  An improvement over yesterday but not good enough for a long run.  Finished 5 miles on Lakeshore in 40:57 (8:11 pace) and needed a late rally to break 41.  1st half: 20:02, 2nd half: 20:55 but the pace was pretty steady from Mile 3 on.  Took no MF with the exception of the small amount in Jigsaw Mag and cut the MM down to 1.  Felt over-stimulated and felt like perhaps the need for ADHS has ticked up.  I'll be at Gold's for 3 more this afternoon.

PM- Gold's 3 in 22:42 (7:34 pace).  That's better but not good enough. I should be in the 21s at least even on slightly tired legs.  Faded badly after a 7:10 1st mile to a 15;32 on the last 2 though the pace never went much over 7:45.  I am feeling uneasy about the intolerance to Methyl folate.  I'm afraid the source could be sulfur toxicity related.

-40 miles on the week.

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