Sunday, June 12, 2016

My CBS mutation solution

I have a heterozygous mutation for every CBS SNP tested and have homozygous mutations for a couple NOS SNPs.  NOS will make CBS issues worse.

Somewhat surprisingly, my UAA tests have NOT shown elevated taurine and ammonia levels unless I had been supplementing with taurine recently.  However, my sulfate test strips still show that my levels are off the scale high (over 1600) and it does not seem to matter what I do.  Nothing will bring it down.  It was suggested to me that perhaps those strips are not accurate and I am beginning to agree.  I have tried numerous treatment specifically designed to reduce sulfur such as:
-CBS RNA drops
-Activated Charcoal
-CBS NOS caps
ALL WERE MISERABLE FAILURES!  I thought that maybe Methyl Mate would allow me to tolerate them but that's clearly not the case.  I'm not messing with this anymore.  Is there any downside to having taurine too low?  Yes.  It can leave me vulnerable to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and anxiety.  My last health screening at work wasn't bad enough to raise a red flag but my bad cholesterol was much higher than usual and my blood pressure was a little on the high side as well (126/86).  Taurine may have been elevated due to gut dysbiosis as evidenced by a high beta alanine level.

No, I can't and won't supplement taurine and other sulfur containing amino acids but it is unnecessary and potentially harmful to keep trying to reduce it.  Strangely, taurine or glutathione was not only tolerated but needed when on Liver Beef.  That's because my toxic copper was too high.  Now that my copper dysregulation has improved (last Cp was 25.9 vs 17.9 at my low point), Liver Beef is not needed and also could be harmful because it depletes zinc.

I'm sticking with what does work, which is hydroxy B-12 and low dose molybdenum plus low dose Lithium Orotate to transport it into the cells.

I may end up going with MitoForce instead of stand alone CoQ10 for mitochondrial support but it's unlikely to be a game changer.  Instead, it's going to depend on the MethylFolate/Sam-e ratio.  As of now, it's 1200-1400 MF per MM pill.  Again, it is not the dosage that is important but the RATIO.  1200 MF/1 MM- okay
1200 MF/2 MM- not okay
2000 MF/1 MM- not okay
2000 MF/2 MM- not okay
2400 MF/2 MM- okay
 How do I feel about that?  As long as this ratio stays constant, I don't like it but it's manageable and I can deal with it.  Having to adjust it every week or 2 would be intolerable.

It's too close to race day to try Yasko's Ultimate B but there's a good chance that it's going to do something.  It does contain Sam-e and TMG so it will likely increase my need for Methyl Folate.  However, it does contain Ribo-5-Phosphate (Active B-2).  Now, B-2 has not worked in the past but there may well be a difference between the 2 forms.  Think about my folate conundrum.  Synthetic folic acid is poison for MTHFR defects but active Methyl folate is a life saver.  The same could be true with active B-2.  Supposedly, it "recycles" MF and may allow me to take more MM without so much dependence on MF.  I can dream.

If I can find a stable formula and am able to train consistently at 35-40 MPW, I see no reason why I cannot get back down well under 21/45/1:40.  After Alaska, my next planned half is Detroit Free Press in mid-October.  I expect to be in the 1:35-1:37 range by that time.  If I'm not improved by the Fall, I've got to bite the bullet and pay the $450 to see the Functional Medicine practitioner in Nashville.

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