Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ultimate B testing (Last experiments)

What is Ultimate B and why might it be helpful?

 It is a B-Vitamin complex with an unspecified amount of methyl donors including SAM-e and TMG as part of a proprietary blend.  I know for a fact that those last 2 ingredients will INCREASE my demand for methyl folate.  With the Methyl Mate, I found that I require 1200-1400 mcg per pill.  That's right, if I only take one of those suckers, 1200 is required with 1 pill but if I take 2, the requirement jumps to 2400-2800.  Too much is just as bad as too little.  The sweet spot is very narrow and likely subject to change without notice.  Next week, the range could be 800-1000 and as the dose goes lower, the window will become narrower.  NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Gotta try something new.

This pill will not necessarily increase my demand for methyl folate because it contains 50 mg. active B-2 (Ribo-5 Phosphate) which should be taken anyway because it may be depleted by large doses of B-12 and folate.  Supposedly, the R5P "recycles" methyl folate to prevent depletion.  Thus in theory, it will leave me LESS dependent on it all while safely increasing my still low methionine level.  Because I am homozygous on MTHFR 677, some methyl folate will likely always be necessary.  However, the best case scenario is a situation in which there is not a significant difference in how I feel on 400 mcg vs. 2400 and may be able to get away with an occasional missed dose.  I can dream.

The plan:
I'll be on the track or at Gold's every day for the next 4-5 days.  I'll take both the Methyl Mate and Ultimate B and start the workout on ZERO Methyl Folate.  After each interval, I'll pop a pill and keep doing it until I hit the sweet spot and begin getting slower.  After 2 consecutive days in which the dosage is constant, I will declare the formula to be SET.  No more experiments after this are planned.
The worst case scenario is that I can't find any dose of MF that works as well as before these tests.  If that happens, I just go back to the old formula.  Nothing to lose.

See the workout dated 6/26 for more detail.  It's a split decision.  I felt MUCH worse overall but there was no significant difference from one dose of MF to the next.  Odds are that means there was an ingredient that reduced the sensitivity to MF (most probably Ribo-5-Phosphate) but other ingredients that cannot be tolerated.  I'm going to toss the Ultimate B and go with Ribo-5-Phosphate alone.  Hopefully, the Methyl Mate will keep the Methionine in range.

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