Sunday, June 12, 2016

Training 6/13-6/19 (race week)

Very little training will be done this week.  I've got to leave for Atlanta after work on Tuesday to catch a morning flight on Wednesday.  I know the optimal ratio (1200-1400 Methyl folate/1 Methyl Mate) with no CBS treatment.  Unless I am significantly better on 2 MM pills, I'm going with 1 up to and including race day.

6/13-AM- Tried to run this morning and realized I forgot the B-12 so I just did a junk mile.  Popped some Mitoforce and got worse so I know that stuff is a NO.  I'm sticking with CoQ10.  That leaves me with Ultimate B as the only other option remaining.  I will attempt a run this evening and tomorrow morning on 2 MM pills but doubt it will be a game changer.

PM- Just another junk mile.

6/14- On 1 Methyl Mate pill, clocked a 10:42 for 1.5 miles at tempo effort then popped a 2nd pill and ran the next half mile in 3:37.  Not a significant difference in pace but felt slightly more sluggish.  I'm going with 1 pill.  If I took a half, then 600 mcg. MF would be the sweet spot but my need for ADHS would tick up again.  Going with 1 pill.

6/15-Atlanta to Chicago then to Anchorage.  Crystal clear skies with temps around 70.  Beautiful mountains nearby.  BIG news.  The medical report has arrived sooner than expected.  The news is mostly good.  A more detailed post will come later.  Planned rest day.

6/16-AM- Ran in the daylight at midnight.  Just a junk mile but how often will I be able to do that?  Once in a lifetime unless I come back here in June again.

8AM- 2 miles in 14:28 (7:14 pace).  Out and back route from my hotel through downtown Anchorage.  1st mile on no Lithium was 7:32 then came home in 6:56 on half a pill but got worse after taking the rest of it.  I'm going with half on race day.  Yes, Lithium was elevated on the medical report.  More to come later.

PM- Strenuous 4 mile hike at Denali National Park.  Doesn't count as a run but it was a real workout.  Amazing scenery and pictures will be shared on my road trip report.

6/17- Talkeetna then back to Anchorage.  More views of Mt. McKinley.  Picked up number at the expo.  Planned rest day.

6/18- Mayor's Midnight Sun Half Marathon in a mildly disappointing 1:54:52 (8:44 pace).  Decent first half but cramped and died in Mile 7.  State #27 is in the books.  Flew to Seattle that evening for an overnight stop rather than a red eye.

6/19- Planned rest day.  Breakfast with Beulah, an old friend from Clemson, then flew back to Atlanta and crashed at Nick's.  Probably could have made it back to the Ham but it would have been very uncomfortable and I was not planning on working Monday anyway.

Distance on the week- 21 miles.  YTD: 547

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