Thursday, June 2, 2016

Finding the Sweet Spot

After my latest round of experiments, here’s what I know:

-Either Betaine (TMG) or Yasko’s Methyl Mate.   Either one will do the job of supporting the part of the methylation cycle that will prevent extreme sensitivity to pills.  I feel safer on Yasko’s product because I trust the brand and her advice.  I know I can’t take more than 1 pill and I know I need at least half but it does not appear that half a pill makes a significant difference. 

Without this stuff, I’d need a precise 4:1 ratio of Lithium/B-12.  8:3 won’t do and neither will 9:2.  Factor in that I was shooting at moving targets and you’ve got unyielding misery.  Nobody could be content under those circumstances.  Fixing that problem is HUGE regardless of whether or not my running improves.

-Methyl Folate- This is necessary to tolerate the stuff listed above and I’ve experimented with various doses.  1000 mcg is not enough and 1600 is too much but there does not appear to be much difference between 1200 and 1400.  Caffeine is best avoided but I can tolerate up to about 50 mg/day without a problem.   The key benefit to this this is that my need for adrenal support has diminished because MF slows down an overactive enzyme (GNMT).  I still need it but not at mega doses. 

-ADHS (adrenal modulator)-  The sweet spot is 3-4 of those pills per day but unlike in the past, I won’t be horrible if the dose is a little off.  Suppose I only take 1, I’ll be overstimulated but can still handle an easy 5 miles.  If I take 6 or more, I’ll be a little sluggish but can still run okay.

-Lithium, B-12 and molybdenum- If I am to skip any one of these, it won’t be pretty at all and I most likely cannot do a basic easy workout.  Unlike in the past however, extra doses won’t have much effect.  I only must be wary of too much B-12 because it can cause diarrhea.

-Cal/Mag- The need for a 1:1 ratio every day is LONG GONE.  I’ll run into trouble if I stop it for weeks at a time but if I miss a dose here and there, no big deal.  I probably won’t even notice.

Probiotics and All In One- same as above.

CBS/NOS pills- Put this in the category of helpful but not essential.  I’ll feel a modest improvement from this but can get by without it.

I need to clear out my cabinet and I’m basically taking these occasionally just to finish the bottles:
TX Superfood, Phospho-Serine, herbal supps for malabsorption.  All of these will be pitched and not re-ordered.  I don’t think they’re hurting me at all but I am feeling no benefit.

Mito-Force- I can take Co-Q10 as a stand-alone but would prefer to take this instead because it’s stronger.  The risk is that it could add to the sulfur burden but CBS/NOS will likely mitigate those effects.

Methyl B-12- A disaster before Methyl Mate but I may be able to tolerate it now.  If it’s a loser, I should know early and will be only slightly worse.  UPDATE: It's a LOSER

Sparga- Developed a sudden intolerance in the past but once again, I may be able to take it now and it may be critical in reducing sulfites. 

SOD- Likely a winner because I’ve got homozygous SNPs but I’ve got too many pills as it is right now.  I’ll try it when I clear the cabinet a bit. UPDATE: It's a LOSER

Riboflavin (B-2)- A disaster in the past.  I know it recycles B-12 and Methyl Folate so it may reduce my dependence and sensitivity to MF and MM.  Worth a shot down the road but I’m staying away for now.

Yasko's Untimate B- More methylation support and contains many of the same key ingredients as Methyl Mate.  Definitely worth a try down the road.

Final thought:
I declare myself stable as of June 1 and am a lot better off than I was 12 months ago.  The singleness issue is really starting to get to me now that almost all of my friends are in serious relationships.  If I am still stable by the end of September, I will put myself on the market.

2 weeks from today, I’m going to be there.  I’m not placing a great deal of importance on the race.  I just want to go.  Still, a sub-1:40 or even a 1:41-1:42 would sure be nice.  The course appears to be dead flat for the first and last 5 miles but that middle 5K looks brutal and part of it is on unpaved trails.  

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