Monday, June 6, 2016

Training 6/6-6/12

6/6- Tried SOD and it was a massive failure.  Strange because I seemed to have tolerated it before but I only took it occasionally and usually many hours before the run.  At least I know now that it's a NO.   Finding that out on race day would have sucked.   Methyl B-12 is still a loser as well and I pitched the nearly full bottle.  Jury is still out on B-2 and I am hopeful that it will enable me to tolerate more Methyl Mate.  I want to give Sparga another shot before I declare the formula to be set.
The pathetic excuse for a workout was a 9:28 Mile and I knew I was in trouble as soon as I started.  Perhaps I will be slightly better this evening.

PM- No evening session.  Not even worth a try.  I may struggle tomorrow as well but I want to set the formula before I leave for Alaska.  Ordered Sparga but will hold off on Ultimate B until I get the UAA results, which will likely be after I get back.

6/7- AM- 3 miles in 25:48 (8:36 pace).  As expected, I improved but the bad stuff hasn't fully cleared yet.  Similar to 2 days ago but this time, I actually had a slight negative split.

PM- Almost a carbon copy of last Sunday in both workouts.  I had to cut it to 2 miles today due to time constraints.  Finished in 15:51 (7:55 pace) with even splits and no doubt that I would have been sub-8 if I continued for another mile.  Pitched the empty bottle of Phospho-Serine and will not re-order.  I don't think it really helped or hurt me.  Tomorrow's plan is to go with nothing new in the morning and try some B-2 in the evening.  I am not messing with the Sparga or Ultimate B until I get back but once I try those last 2, the formula will be set.

 Why mess with the B-2?
It can be depleted by methylfolate and B-12.  There is also a chance that it will relieve the remaining sensitivity issues by allowing greater tolerance to Methyl Mate and reducing my dependence on Methylfolate.  I'm sure both will remain must take pills but it sure would be nice to have the flexible dose like the others.  Also, even when I took everything right, I wasn't much better than 36 minutes for 5 miles.  Not good enough.  If I can't do better than 7:10 pace for 5 miles, I can't break 1:40 in the half (13.1 @ 7:38).

6/8- AM.  Not much better.  Again, I had to cut it short to 2 miles in 15:29 (7:44 pace).  MINUS 11 from yesterday but not nearly good enough

PM- 1 mile at the Shak in a time over 10 minutes.  Terrible reaction to CBS/NOS caps that had been okay for me just recently.  This is the 3rd treatment in the last 2 weeks in which I have had an extreme negative reaction.  I thought Methyl Mate was supposed to stop that.  ANGRY AGAIN.  Only good news is that B-2 appears to be tolerated.

6/9- B-2 Experimental intervals.  I had already taken the B-2 before I started.  The aim here is to see how it affects my reactions to methyl.
No methyl pills- 3 laps in 3:11 (9:33 pace)
Methyl Mate only- Improved to 2:59 (8:57 pace)  MINUS 36
400 mcg Methyl folate- 2:32 (7:36 pace) MINUS 81- Mood improved even before I set off on this interval.  Again, the MF must be taken with the MM or it won't work either.
800 mcg Methyl folate- 2:14 (6:32 pace) MINUS 56
1200 mcg Methyl folate (sweet spot)- 1:55 (5:45 pace) MINUS 47
If I had taken more MF, I know that I would have faded somewhat from this.
2nd Methyl Mate- 2:42 (8:06 pace).  Within minutes of taking this pill, it felt like a fog of gloom rolled in.  I knew I had nothing but gave it an honest effort.

This validates everything that I posted yesterday.  Get off your ass huh?  If I was capable of running a sub-6 pace without the methylation support, I would have done it.  If I was capable of doing it on a 2nd Methyl Mate, I would have done it.  The verdict is in on the B-2 and I'm not messing with it.  The pill itself was tolerated but that could change down the road.  It failed to resolve the sensitivity to Methyl Mate and failed to reduce my dependence on Methyl Folate.

6/10- Had NOTHING.  Quit after a 9:42 Mile. An extra B-2 made things worse.  B-2 is NOT going to work.  Sparga is also a FAILURE.  This week has sucked but at least I am close to setting the formula.  I pitched the B-2 and dumped the Sparga down the drain.  That leaves only 2 questions left.  Will Ultimate B allow more methyl tolerance?  MitoForce or stand alone CoQ10 for mitochondrial support?  Those questions will be answered AFTER Alaska.

PM- Junk mile on Wisteria in 9:33.  Not a significant improvement and tomorrow will suck as well.

6/11- Failed as expected.  Ran with the BTC.  Started at the back of the pack and never really moved up.  Called it a day after 4 miles in 39:28 (9:52 pace).  1st half in 18-flat.  2nd half- 21:28.  Marginal improvement over yesterday but it hasn't cleared yet.

I'm done with the CBS experiments.  I'm going with B-12, moly and Lithium.  Neither the Mitoforce nor the CoQ10 is likely to be a game changer and the Ultimate B has some questionable ingredients.  Another thought is to really load on Methyl Folate and hope that it will increase tolerance to Methyl Mate.  I just want to get a flexible dose on those 2.

6/12- Ran with the full deck today.  Took nothing questionable yesterday.  I was much better than yesterday but not nearly good enough.  Came through 4 miles in 30:30 (7:38 pace).  That's 1:40 half marathon pace but in a 13.1 race, I would have been closer to 1:50 today.  1st half was 15-flat but faded to a 15:30 on the back half and was fading.

Decided to experiment from there.  Took extra Methyl folate (800 extra mcg) (2000 total) and struggled as expected.  Next mile was 8:29.  Then took a 2nd Methyl Mate and much to my relief, I improved.  Did the next mile in 6:58 though I still felt a bit sluggish.  Too much Methyl Mate or too little?  Took another half pill and got the answer quickly.  Next half mile was a 4:21 (8:42 pace).

The active ingredient in Methyl Mate is Sam-e and based on what I have read, it's just a fact of life that more Methyl Folate increases the need for Sam-e.  Most likely, it's going to be 1200-1400 Methyl Folate per Methyl Mate pill.  I've traded one sensitivity for another but as long as this ratio remains constant, it's a trade that I am willing to make.

Weekly summary:
A terrible week overall but I learned a lot.  The formula will be set very soon.
Distance= 24/ YTD= 526

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