Monday, September 5, 2016

Training 9/5-9/11

9/5- Gold's 3 in 23:39 (7:53 pace).  Very mediocre effort.  Back in Birmingham and it will probably do me good to get back to my normal routine.  I don't think the sulfur has fully cleared yet.  Tried some zinc and selenium and both were non-factors.  Mile 1 was 7:57 then popped a selenium and improved only slightly to 7:49 (not significant) then slipped back to 7:53 after taking zinc (again, not significant).  I will order Vitamin E as succinate.

9/6- Lakeshore 2.5 in 19-flat (7:36 pace) with splits of 7:30-7:42-3:48.  Clearly better than yesterday despite cheating badly on sugar.  It's all about the sulfur intolerance.  If my recent history is any indication, I will improve steadily for 5-10 days then collapse.  Added a 5 minute cool.

9/7- Lakeshore 5 in 42:02 (8:24 pace).  Very poor performance and extra B-6 was the culprit.  Only 1 of those suckers can be tolerated and I may be better off cutting it in half.  Came through the 1st half in a not horrible 19:52 then faded to 22:10 on the back half with a 9:30 in Mile 5.  Detroit is listed as doubtful at this point.  I'm not flying away for another awful race.
Research indicates that high oxalates could be causing the sulfur issues.  The test needed is the Organic Acids Test.

9/8- Took Calcium citrate at lunch and it appears to be a winner.  I had frequent urination and it had a cloudy appearance.  Both are classic signs of oxalate detox.  There is a chance that if the oxalates are out of my system, I can handle sulfur.  If I can do that, I can get the Iron down and FINALLY get in balance.  Felt VERY much different on the run and my mind wasn't sure how to handle it.  I actually took a couple mental breaks but covered 3 miles in a moving time of 20:34 (6:51 pace).  Came through the Mile mark in 6:55 then popped a Vitamin E succinate.  Mile 2 was 6:59 but Mile 3 was 6:40 so even if the E is not a game changer, it is tolerated.  A deficiency in succinate as revealed on Yasko's MAP test can cause exercise intolerance and myopathy.  Correction of that could be huge. Faint glimmer of hope.

9/9- AM- Spain Park Mile in 6:07.5 (MINUS 8).  Split the difference between the 6 minute barrier and last week's time.  Calcium citrate appears to be a winner and the E succinate is tolerated and may be slightly beneficial.  Paced it well again with splits of 90-95-94-88.  Something still feels off today and before my next time trial, I will reduce my B-6 to half a pill.

PM- Gold's 4 in 29:58 (7:29 pace).  Solid but unspectacular.  Pace hovered just over 7:30 most of the way and needed just a modest rally to break 30.  Still feeling too over-stimulated so upon further review, the Vitamin E will only be taken occasionally and the B-6 will be reduced.

9/10- AM.  Split decision overall.  There is good news and bad.  As I suspected, the Calcium citrate appears to have solved the sulfur intolerance. That COULD BE HUGE!  B-6 reduction was probably not much of a factor.  Both the Curcumin and Yasko's Iron detox pills were tolerated (at least they were today) BUT the Calcium citrate was NOT tolerated and the workout was horrible.  Managed just 3 miles in 26:33 (8:51 pace) with a 3rd mile in 9:42.  Fortunately, I saw the collapse coming so it was a short walk of shame.
I got the cheap brand of Cal citrate at CVS and I did not see that it contains fillers including one ingredient in particular that I cannot tolerate.  It's a lucky thing that it did work for 2 days otherwise, I may not have realized the problem.  I tried another brand from a health foods store which DOES appear to be tolerated.  It's also possible that it must be balanced with Mag citrate but if that's the case, I need to go real easy.  Mag citrate won't raise Mag levels much and will deplete copper and ceruloplasmin.  With the Curcumin and Yasko's product, it's a good bet that my Iron panel will improve on my next test.

PM- Tacked on another 3 at Gold's.  Time improved to 24:30 (8:10 pace).  Cal citrate WITHOUT all the fillers and additives should work for me.  There is a chance that I can finish a 10 miler tomorrow.

9/11- FAILED again.  Only marginally better than yesterday's morning session.  Managed 5 miles on Lakeshore in an ugly time of 43:40 (8:44 pace).  1st half was a not horrible 20:09 then faded to 23:31 over the last 2.5 and was struggling to hold 10 minute pace at the end.

The Calcium citrate is a NO.  Once again, the sulfur containing pills including Curcumin and Yasko's Iron detox were not only tolerated but likely beneficial and I may do better this afternoon.  Without the Cal citrate or something else to control the oxalates, the sulfur intolerance will come back with a VENGEANCE! I don't believe better Iron regulation through blood donation will solve it either. The high oxalates are likely the reason for the B-6 sensitivity as well.  Once again, I found a solution to a MAJOR problem but the ill-effects of the solution are worse than the problem itself.  I tried balancing the Calcium citrate with extra Mag malate.  It didn't work and probably made it worse.  Extra All-In One, which contains low dose Mag citrate seemed to help marginally.  This development has left me with 3 options before blood donation:
1) Take the Cal citrate only occasionally.  The sulfur sensitivity could return as early as 1-2 days or 1-2 weeks.  We shall see.
2). Balance the Cal citrate with Mag citrate.  Again, the doses must be low to prevent loss of ceruloplasmin.  I am unsure if that will really work and Mag citrate is NOT a substitute for my preferred source (Mag malate).  Cal citrate may be just simply a NO, period.
3). Find another solution for the high oxalates.  I'll be looking through Yasko's site.

PM- Back to Gold's for experimental intervals.  Just like yesterday, I was better after taking the Curcumin and Iron detox pills.  Did the first 2 miles in 15-flat (7:30 pace) then popped a Cal/Mag citrate combo and was so bad that I didn't even try going out for Mile 3.

Scratch option 2.  Most of Yasko's suggestions for oxalates contained sulfur except for adenosyl B-12.  That's a viable option.  I'm going with that and I shall see if the sulfur sensitivity returns.  I will be laying off both citrates for at least a week.

-32 miles on the week.

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