Monday, September 12, 2016

High Oxalates and the Solution

My biggest roadblock right now is the trans-sulfuration pathway.  I cannot tolerate any sulfur nor can I tolerate any CBS mutation treatment such as Yucca and CBS RNA drops.  B-12+ molybdenum does help but not enough to be a game changer.  For the record, I am heterozygous on every CBS SNP so I can expect mild-moderate issues in processing sulfur but nothing extreme.  According to my latest tests, my taurine was only mildly high and my ammonia was not elevated at all.  In both my hair and urine elements tests, sulfur was well within the normal range if not slightly on the low side. 

There is certainly nothing on the surface that jumps out screaming of a problem with sulfur but it’s obvious to me and should be obvious to my readers that SOMETHING VERY SCREWY is going on with my trans-sulfuration pathway.  I need a different test to diagnose the problem, which is why I was interested in seeing the Functional MD.  Again, I wanted to see something WAY OVER THE TOP such as a lab value more than 10x an already unhealthy upper limit of a reference range.  Based on what’s been going on, I certainly should expect to see something like that on a test.   

I now believe that the source of the intolerance to sulfur is high oxalates, which I’ve heard are toxins chemically similar to anti-freeze.  I don’t have to tell you that’s some pretty nasty stuff that can be quite dangerous if untreated.  I am betting that my negative reactions to food based Greens and Whole Food C were oxalate related.  The best way to test for it is the Organic Acids Test from Great Plains Laboratory.  I’m betting the Comprehensive Organix Profile that I wanted earlier could have revealed it as well but the OAT lists 3 specific oxalates in a separate section.  After listening to a podcast from Dr. Jess Armine, I am nearly certain that this is the source.  Dr. Jess specifically stated that YES, high oxalates can really screw up the trans-sulfuration pathway.  He also said that when a patient does not get better after trying everything that should in theory be effective, high oxalates are often the culprit.  Starting to sound like me?

As for the treatment, Yasko made several suggestions on her site but some of them actually contain sulfur, which is a non-starter for me.  She also suggested upping my B-12, specifically the adenosyl form.  I tried that and found it tolerable but a non-factor at least for now.  In Sunday’s afternoon session, I opened with a 7:31 mile then clocked a 7:28 after popping some B-12 so that’s not nearly enough to be considered significant and I felt no different.

Odds are that I will need a low dose combo of Cal/Mag citrate.  This used to be a regular part of my cocktail up through the Spring of 2013 and my downturn began shortly after stopping it.  Why did I stop?  Cal citrate depletes Mag.  Mag citrate does not raise Mag levels and depletes ceruloplamin so even now, I must be very cautious with it and know that it is not a substitute for Mag malate, which WILL keep my Mag levels in line.  Mega doses of Thym-Adren did nicely lower Na and K but my Cal and especially Mag remained frozen at dangerously low levels.  All was not roses before my decline.  I had extreme reactions and sudden sensitivities to sugar, copper, Vitamin C, chromium plus a few others that I’m sure I forgot about.  Even after lowering the oxalates, I’m sure that I’ll still need methylation support but may not be as dependent.  If I can tolerate methyl B-12, I can take an active B-complex instead of separate Bs, which would sure be nice and give my cabinet some space as well.    

As for the early response to Cal citrate, it was a brief honeymoon for about 3 days followed by a sudden crash.  Even during the honeymoon, I had itches and cloudy urine, which are classic signs of oxalate detox.  Dr. Jess has said that this reaction is common and suggests that I need to lay off for at least a few days before starting back gradually at micro doses.  I may potentially have a pathway to balance now.  Step 1) Get the oxalates down, 2) If I can do that, I can tolerate treatments to clear Iron, 3) If Iron gets regulated, Na and K will go down without mega doses and I will no longer be an extreme fast oxidizer.  Energy will improve dramatically when that happens.  I’ve already pronounced myself cured when it comes to neurotransmitters, Magnesium deficiency and Zinc/Copper dysregulation.  If I hit another roadblock, I will call on Dr. Jess Armine for a consult. 

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