Monday, September 5, 2016

Plan C for Iron and Sulfur Detox

Since getting the results of my Iron panel, I have tried Curcumin+ Apple Cider Vinegar first then tried Yasko's SHMT and ACHY pills.  Both times, the results were identical: A brief period of improvement followed by a sudden relapse.  The problem is that although these products contain key ingredients that have iron binding properties, they also contain sulfur, a mineral in which I have ZERO tolerance.

What is puzzling is that my sulfur on my hair test is in balance.  My taurine is only mildly elevated and my ammonia is not elevated at all.  I tried every CBS mutation treatment out there and ALL OF THEM MADE IT WORSE!  FYI- I am compound hetero on this mutation.  The only things that can be tolerated are B-12+ molybdenum, which is not a game changer.  An extra dose might bring a 19:xx 2 mile down to a 17:xx, which is still BAAAUHD!   On a relatively good day, it really doesn't make a significant difference .

It is obvious that something VERY SCREWY is going on in my trans-sulfuration pathway and most frustrating of all is that NO DOCTOR OR HEALTH COACH CAN GIVE ME A SIMPLE STRAIGHT ANSWER!

I talked to the Functional MD from Sanctuary Medical in Nashville via the free phone consult.  When I explained my situation via e-mail prior to the appointment, here is what I was HOPING to hear in response:
- I have seen cases like yours before and have successfully treated many of them.  What I commonly see in such cases is a severe deficiency in X coupled with an excess in Y or Z.  I'll get you tested to confirm what I suspect then get you started on a treatment that has worked for other clients.  Now, I would not expect him to tell me what the expected deficiency is or how to treat it without a paid visit but I'd pay a king's ransom to find out. The $450 would pay for itself soon if I can stop wasting money on supps that don't work.

Here's what I did hear:
First of all, he was 10 minutes late in calling me and 10 minutes early in cutting me off.  I could barely understand him because he mumbled over the phone but what I did hear repeatedly was that no 2 patients are the same and I'd likely have to walk a tightrope to manage it.  Basically, I heard nothing that I did not already know.  A "tightrope" or exact cocktail every day is an acceptable outcome.  What is unacceptable is the moving targets and frequent relapses.  Needless to say, I am not interested in an appointment.

Possible solution:
It's a damn shame because I feel like I've finally gotten a handle on the methylation.  With the possible exception of B-6, there is no pill in my cocktail that will hurt me if I take an extra though I will be weakened if I don't take enough.  I REALLY BELIEVE IT IS AS SIMPLE AS AN ENZYME DEFECT CAUSED BY A SEVERE DEFICIENCY OR EXCESS IN A MINERAL, VITAMIN OR AMINO ACID.  I took another look at Yasko's MAP test from last Fall and everything looked pretty good except for one thing, which was an undetectable level of succinate, which relates to Vitamin E.  Yasko sells a Vitamin E product as succinate and I will order it tomorrow.  Again, just taking the right minerals and vitamins is not enough.  You need to proper form.  I can't take Magnesium Glycinate or Citrate but CAN take Magnesium Malate.  Vitamin E potentiates selenium, which is antagonistic to BOTH sulfur and iron so it is a viable option.

Indeed an iron excess can cause damage to enzymes but I really don't know what else to do to solve it because everything that clears it contains sulfur.  If the Vitamin E/selenium fails or is a non-factor, the only option is blood donation, which is actually the standard treatment.  Word on the street is that it will quickly remove the iron excess but also remove other critical minerals and cause temporary fatigue and weakness.  Will the decreased iron solve the enzyme defects and improve my trans-sulfuration pathway?  It seems iffy but I'll do anything at this point if there's a chance that it works.

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