Friday, September 30, 2016

Iron Panel Test #2

Here are the raw numbers
Serum Iron- 119.  That’s a drop from 175 last time.  56 points (32 percent) down.  Optimal is 110 so astonishingly, I am not far off.  I went from being flagged as high to nearly optimal in just 5 weeks.  OUTSTANDING!

UIBC- 155.  That’s up from 110 last time.  45 points (41 percent) up.  Optimal is 220 so I still have a ways to go on this but if the current trend continues, I’ll be right where I need to be within another 2 months.  Again, this news is VERY GOOD.

Saturation Percentage- Drop from 61% down to 43%.  10 points north of optimal but again, EXCELLENT NEWS.  

TIBC- 274.  That’s a drop from 285 but that’s not enough to be significant.  It’s a bit below optimal (330) but not a cause for alarm.  Just keep the Iron where it is and continue to get the UIBC up.

Ferritin- 248.  This is a rise from 168.  Up 80 points (48 percent).  This is NOT good.  This number needs to be down around 50.  Again, it’s still within my lab’s “normal range” but as I’ve said repeatedly, Normal Does Not Mean Healthy!

Transferrin remained almost the same. 

What have I been doing?
-B6 (as P-5-P)
-B12 (hydroxyl, adenosyl)
-Occasional Apple Cider Vinegar
-Yasko’s SHMT & AHCY- This one contains an ingredient called Lactoferrin, which may be the reason for the rise in Ferritin.  It will be stopped.

2 out of the 3 indicators improved significantly but the rise in Ferritin is alarming.  I can try Rice Bran and if that doesn’t do it, it’s got to be blood donation.  Of course, simply stopping the Lactoferrin could do it.  As I said last time, my prior results were BAD!  However, it is highly unlikely that this is the smoking gun.  I want to see something WAY OVER THE TOP!  The OAT test is my best chance to find it.  The kit should arrive just before I leave or while I am at Lake Tahoe.  From that point, the results will be mailed directly to me within 3 weeks.  I’m on my own for the interpretation but am confident that I can acquire the knowledge to figure it out if I don’t already know.

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