Monday, September 19, 2016

Training 9/19-9/25

9/19- BAD DAY!  Took only 50 mg. of citrate and it was still too much.  Still not recovered from yesterday's full pill.  Iron detox pills helped but were not nearly enough.
AM- 1 Mile in 7:55.  Got to 200 and realized that I wasn't going to make it and just slow jogged it in then added a half mile cool.

PM- Did the first half mile in 4:33 then popped 2 Yasko pills.  Not much better.  3 miles in 26:56 (8:59 pace).  Most troubling is that I faded.  Normally, when I'm getting better, I run an even-negative split.  Not so today (12:38-14:18).  I had better rebound tomorrow.
I'm talking with another Health Coach on Wednesday and have basically decided to pay the ransom for the OAT test.  I expect to see WAY over the top oxalates.  Probably oxalic and glycolic will be BAD.  An unbalanced glycolic likely explains intolerance to glycine products.

9/20- Unplanned rest day.  MUST focus solely on oxalates for now.  I cannot afford to mess with the Iron.  I made it through the day at work without issue but felt very weak all day.  The talk with the health coach is tomorrow afternoon.

9/21- AM- Reduced the citrates but still struggled.  Limited to 2 miles due to time constraints.  Finished in 15:18 (7:39 pace) and had to work to stay under 8:00 pace at the end.  I may have to nix the citrates for the next few days.  Talked with the new health coach and came away with a good impression but it will cost me a king's ransom to find the smoking gun.

9/22- AM- Took no citrates this morning and flat out SUCKED!  Quit after just 1 Mile in 9:36.  'Nuff said.  I will take a trace this afternoon and predict that I will feel better.

PM- Took just a trace of citrate and as I expected, I was much better.  Did 4 miles in 31:24 (7:51 pace).  Faded a bit but did not collapse (15:32-15:52) and kept the pace under 8 all the way.  Probably would have been better if I had taken a bit more.
I NEED a small amount of citrates but the window is very narrow.  If I'm wrong on the dose, I'd prefer to be low.  No more messing with the Iron until further notice.  Again, in theory, I should not have any further collapses.  I have booked the trip to Tahoe and will be stopping in Reno and Sacramento.

9/23- AM- WEAK.  Spain Park Mile in 6:57 and needed to rally from behind just to break 7.  Took just a trace of citrates and it clearly wasn't enough.

PM- Took a whole pill.  As recently as Monday, it would have been a disaster if I had taken that much.  Today, I was not half bad.  3 miles in 21:27 (7:09 pace).  1st half-10:40, 2nd half: 10:47.  I should be able to handle any sulfur product now, including Curcumin.  The big concern is Magnesium.  Cal citrate will REALLY deplete Mag so I need extra.

9/24- Took a whole citrate pill that was balanced with Mag malate.  It wasn't pretty but I got through 13 on the BTC route.  Route was tough but fair.  Finished in 1:51:56 (8:36 pace).  Pace was steady in the 8:15-8:20 range up through Mile 8 but faded badly over the last 5.  It was NOT a collapse.  I just got a little slower every mile and by Mile 13, I was strugg-a-ling just to stay below 10 minute pace.  Just like last week, I was spent after 10 but stuck it out, which should pay dividends on race day.
The citrates are tolerated and I think I'm through the dumping phase but I'll still have to deal with toxic oxalates, iron and too fast oxidation.  The lack of fitness also played a role in my fade.

9/25- Tried to go with 500 mg. of citrate and it was too much.  Legs felt fine.  No problem recovering from yesterday but I was short of breath very early into it.  Called it a day after 2.5 miles on Lakeshore in a time of 21:38 (8:39 pace) plus a cool.  1st half: 10:17, 2nd half: 11:21.  No panic.  I'll back it down to 250 tomorrow and should be okay.  Good news is that sulfur is tolerated even at higher doses.  I expect improvement in my Iron numbers next time.

PM- Bonus.  2 mile junk run at Railroad Park downtown.  Felt somewhat better than this morning.  Finished the distance in 15:44 (7:52 pace).  Still well off form.

-Despite the down week, I managed 34 miles and am closing in on 1000 for the year.

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