Monday, September 12, 2016

Training 9/12-9/18

9/12- 3 miles on Lakeshore in an overall time of 24:45 (8:15 pace).  Did the first 2 miles in 15:50 with a very even pace then popped a Curcumin pill and faded to 8:55 for Mile 3 so I was a full minute slower per mile.  Got home and popped a Yasko pill and got worse.
After just ONE day off the citrates, the sulfur sensitivity is back with a VENGEANCE just as I predicted.  It actually happened sooner than expected.  I will probably suck tomorrow as well.  That leaves me with just option 1 left.  Lay off the citrates for a few days then start back at micro doses.  I don't see any path to victory without ridding myself of the oxalates.

9/13- More trial and error this time at Gold's.  Moving time was 21:45 for 3 miles (7:15 pace).  Felt only slightly better than yesterday without any citrate or sulfur.  1st mile was 7:44 then popped just a trace of Cal citrate (around 25 mg) and improved to 6:55.  Took an Iron detox from Yasko and Mile 3 was 7:06.  A PLUS 11 is barely enough to be considered significant but I was noticeably weaker.  Added a mile cool at the end.
The small amount of Cal citrate was tolerated and if I am bold, I will try just a tad more tomorrow.  Without the citrate, I would have been HORRIBLE on the Iron detox.  As it is, I was only slightly weakened.  If I had taken too much citrate, I also would have been HORRIBLE but the Iron detox would have made it slightly better.  To quote an old friend from the BAFA days, "It's horrible.  It's horrible.  It is quite deplorable."

9/14- Turned 36 today.  Realistically, the 19:09 5K from 2 years ago was my last PR but there's no reason why I can't remain competitive.  With similar fitness, I should still be able to do 19:15-19:20.  Today was one of my better days.  4 miles in 28:55 (7:14 pace).  Splits were 14:34-14:21.  It was non-stop with the exception of 2 emergency squats due to detox.  Fortunately, I was at Gold's.
I went with roughly 50 mg of Cal Citrate today and took Yasko's pill with it.  The citrate was tolerated despite the detox reaction and I don't think Yasko's hurt me at all.  Took Curcumin later and it left me slightly weakened but I'm betting I still could have done this workout near 7:30-7:40 pace.  Curcumin is stronger than Yasko's  and in order to tolerate both, 200 mg of citrate is needed.  Citrate will be ticked up just a hair tomorrow.

9/15- Too aggressive with the detox.  Went with about 100 mg of citrate and should have stuck with 50 at least until the end of the week.  Not a disaster overall.  Finished 4 miles at Gold's in 31:50 (7:57 pace).  First 2 miles in 16:24 then popped a Yasko pill and improved to 15:26.  Just like I said yesterday, the more citrate I take, the more sulfur I can handle.  Added another half mile cool.

9/16- AM- Back down to 50 mg of citrate and went with no sulfur.  Spain Park Mile in 6:02.2 (89-93-93-87).  Best time of the year and MINUS 5 compared with last week.  I've got it next week barring a collapse.  Just couldn't hold the pace in the middle but my last 200 was a 41.x.  Too little too late though but I was still pleased.  Half mile cool.

PM- Gold's 5 with Yasko's pill.  Felt about the same.  Did not feel any real difference one way or the other.  If I had taken any Curcumin, I would have been weakened.  Finished in 36:44 (7:21 pace). MINUS 17.   It was over 2 weeks since the last time at this distance but indeed I did skip the 37s.  1st half was 18:18, 2nd half was 18:26 and I could have gone faster.  Good job.  Another half mile cool.  Hope this doesn't hurt tomorrow.

9/17- BTC group run.  It wasn't pretty but I made it 10 miles.  Time was 82:48 (8:17 pace) and I was pretty well spent at the end.  Even pace with every mile below 8:30 but something felt off.  Maybe I was just tired from yesterday's workouts but this feels like the pills were a little off.  Went with low dose citrate plus Yasko together and I'll do some experiments.  This pace projects to a half in about 1:48:15 and I'm better than that.

PM- Another Yasko pill left me weakened a bit and Curcumin made it far worse BUT extra Cal citrate made me feel a LOT better.  Came through 1 mile at Gold's at 7-flat but a 2nd dose of Curcumin proved to be too much.  Slipped to 7:51 for Mile 2 then called it a day.
The more citrate I take, the more sulfur I can handle.  In a race situation, I would lean toward micro doses of citrate alone but I will try a full pill of citrate with Curcumin tomorrow.

9/18- The full citrate pill with Curcumin is NOT the answer.  Managed just 2 miles in 19:09 (9:35 pace) on Lakeshore.  Even with the workouts that I've done this week, there is NO WAY that I should have been this bad.

PM- Extra Curcumin actually helped but I'm still not going to attempt a workout.  I'm betting that I'd be good for 17:xx for 2 miles which is still bad.  It appears that although my sulfur tolerance may be unlimited with sufficient citrate, no amount of sulfur will knock out all the symptoms if I take too much citrate.  I will be focusing on the oxalates as priority over the iron poisoning.

-37 miles on the week.  Overall, not too bad.  Once piece of news about Fall racing:
I had planned on running Detroit the weekend of Oct 15.  They have a USA only half and an International half, which goes into Canada.  The International half is sold out so I looked elsewhere.  Instead, my fall race will be in Lake Tahoe, Nevada the previous week.  It's 800 ft. net downhill but at 7,000 feet elevation, it won't be fast.  Figure about the equivalent of Denver.

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